Timbo the White's Album

by Yellow Dwarf Band

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released March 20, 2017




Yellow Dwarf Band Mississauga, Ontario

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Track Name: Why Don't He Care About Me
the devil's in the details - don't ya know
a million dollars in the balance - if you know the score
you can spend your leisure time - on wooden knees
fact is ain't nobody gonna listen to your prayers - if you don't believe

dontchya know beginner's luck is fleeting - it'll turn on a dime
if the powers that be ain't watchin - don't be wastin your time
a man of the cloth would tell ya - you doin it wrong
may as well pray to a deaf man - if the big game's on

c: why do those football players point to the sky
and say thank you jesus for helpin me to score
why am i broke as hillary's political campaign
why don't he listen why don't he care

momma said if you ain't the lead dog - nothins ever new
dagnabbit i'm tired of the asshole in front of me - it's time he knew
i'm fixin to write god a letter - on this the lord's day
but if he's busy watchin football - what the hell am i gonna say

if the good lord be willing and the creek don’t rise
i got no post game interview - to evangalize
imana rip my best shirt open - an beat on my scrawny chest
me or a goddamned professional athalete - who should pass the test?

why do them millionaires point to the sky
and say thank you jesus for helpin me to win
why am i broke as a 2 bit whore
why don't he listen why dudn't he care

why don't them hockey players lift their sticks to the sky
and give 2 thumbs up to jesus for helpin them to win
why the hell did i vote for mister donald trump
why don't he listen why dudn't he care
Track Name: Colportage
daddy said - lucifers comin down - if you don't get to bed
daddy said - lucifers comin down - hurry up and get to bed
pastor said - if you bad, lucifer comin down (comin down)
pastor said - if you bad, lucifer comin down (comin down)

we don't buy none - they come door to door but he ain't never come
we don't buy none - we don't know for sho but he's never come
we don't buy none - they come door to door but he ain't never come
we don't buy none - we don't know for sho but he's never come - now santa's come

armageddon is about to go down - that's a fact - now that's a fact
jehovah built the world in seven days - but satan and his demons, they disobeyed
we'll come knocking on saturday morn - give you a watchtower you'll be reborn
judgement day is comin round - the second coming gonna be a battleground

teacher said - beelzebub's comin down - now sit your ass down
teacher said - beelzebub's comin down - stop sayin them swear words, billy bob
momma said - asmodeus is comin down - who the hell's asmodeus, did you say that wrong
momma said - asmodeus is comin down - he's one of the 7 demons you moron

we don't buy none - they come door to door but he ain't never come
we don't buy none - we don't know for sho but he's never come
we don't buy none - they come door to door but he ain't never come
we don't buy none - we don't know for sho but he's never come - now santa's come
Track Name: Freedom Is Devilry
eyes in the sky - could be watchin you : duck for cover - get your hands off your cockatoo
if ya look up at the heavens - you better watch where you go : burning man - you're runnin too slow

look over your shoulder - ya better be a good boy : eat your pie - watch the world go by
your momma said - don't confuse yourself : better listen to me or you're goin straight to hell

hey listen to me : you waste too much time thinkin bout philosophy
hey you ain't free : knowledge is evil - freedom is devilry

children of tha devil - fulla sorcery : they'll waste your life - with lies and brownies
they've perverted - the right ways of the lord : baby jesus - hadta swallow that sword

maybe he got drones - one for every one a you : now they keep their eyes peeled - they sharp as a guru
if you look up crime - they're hangin everywhere : don't never believe - he's like that billionaire

hey look at me : not evry god's got a holy trinity
hey what can it be : if your thoughts are a crime - then think bout your destiny
Track Name: Jesus' Song
what brand of sandals do ya wear - does it hurt to get crucified
whyja hafta rise from the dead - wasn't your poppa satisfied
why do you ask? too many people know me

can you really walk on water - have you ever met an astronaut
when you up and rose from the dead - didja hafta get a tetanus shot
why do you ask? too many people buggin me

besides when you're up in heaven - ever seen the face of god
have you ever gotten high - do ya think it should be outlawed
why do you ask? got better things ta do

they all race off to church on sunday - dressed to the nines - looking so fine
singing songs of worship and devotion - playin so nice - turnin the other cheek
then they all head home to their favourite vices - lots a covetin and some blasphemin
can't they all be good not just for santa, what have i done wrong?

have your never ever sinned - what's it like to be glorified
what do you do for kicks - when you comin back to our side
why do they ask - got nuthin to do with me

what kind of fish do ya like - what the hell's my favourite shrine
how did i pull that trick - when i turned that water inta wine
why do they ask - liquor store's got nuthin on me

is there baseball up in heaven - do they have a hockey team
if you weren't the son of god - who the hell would you like to be
why do they ask? nobody's got nuthin on me
Track Name: We Are The Druids
lost in Einstein's space and time - lamenting our impetuous choice to live forever
sipping the bittersweet ambrosia of the gods - we unearthed the ankh in her sacred hiding place
now our perpetual youth suffocates our vacant souls - we are merlins and broken prophets, unaffected by time
now we toil for all eternity, fried by the red sun - our heads bowed by the cumbersome crown of cursed immortality

forsaken in Moravec's simulated reality - banished from the afterlife after the slow burn
empty simulcra of the ancient ones buried like dinosaur bones - we are the druids with no one left to amaze
obscured forever by that barren certainty - never aging, never dying - doomed to everlasting life
fabulous perpetuals whose souls can never burn - adrift in the frozen ether for the remainder of all time
Track Name: Madame Lachange
madame lachange, well she ain't no pretty thing
she's the priestess of polypeptide cocktails and shots of perfume
time has eroded her cherry lips among other unmentionable things
she thinks she's still hot in tight leopard skin clothes

she kneels at the right hand of her patron saint christian dior
blazed on lines of money-back guaranteed depilatory creams
perpetual moisture, yves st laurent - quietly, aimlessly she's bought everything
she's been chugging from the chalice of youth again

does she really want to live forever - forever
with saggy boobs hangin down to her knees
does she really want to live forever - forever
or should she pay for more botox please - pretty please

madame lachange, she's a tribute to science
a ghostly communion with the gods of givenchy
sober as a chanel girl dipped in achilles' purple rouge
she's an unholy debauchery - but her pallid skin is still wrinkle free

my darling girl strives for perennial puberty
her surgeons sterilize themselves when her number flashes on up their screens
filled to the false teeth with free radicals and tanless coppertone
time wags a bony finger at her pretty soul
Track Name: Brilliant Meme
there you are - a burning man by the sea
why did you - jump in and walk away
here we stand - in this shattered scene
waiting for - your brilliant meme

i know why but I can't say

we wish we knew - why you gave it all away
maybe you - could never say goodbye
we understand - your burning need to be seen
you are the light - you are our childhood lullaby

you know why but you can't say

i see you there - hiding tween the factories
smoke billows high - who is the chosen one
and here we stand - waiting for the end to come
waiting for - the return of your brilliant meme

we don't know why - why are we afraid
Track Name: Sunday Red
sunday burning or saturday matinees?

she awakens on that tainted morn a dull throb tween her eyes
the memory of her first time already padlocked in her mind
his piercing gaze had turned her school dress to gauze
the noon's heat baked the road and flushed her freckled face

when he asked her it was as if it was god's command
she tried her girl guide best to push the yes away
holy preacher had his dirty way with her
a suffering witness, she couldn't scrub his filth away

saturday matinees with a tainted saint
their woeful cries filled the cotton fields
sunday burning when the rapture comes
they come in peace but they leave in pain

his parish imagined he pulled up stakes and moved along
another tag along preacher headin ta where good folks are in need
their basket children left behind to deal with gropin hands
drinkin an tryin their wretched best to forget his deeds

no one discovered the holy slaughter down at the abbatoir
he met his bitter end pants down beggin on the killing floor
now she flies down back roads - head thrown back laughin at the sky
she's painted sunday red for the ones that came before
Track Name: On Sunday
my thorns stand high - higher than the stone walls
scorched earth encircles me - spattered with my life blood
dry tears rainin down - washin way my sins
aching bones so tired - of carrying the burden

rescue me, rescue me by the moonlight
don't poison me, drink from me - on sunday

father knows his days - are numbered with vengeance
mother's tale was all wrong - she had to be a virgin
floating aimlessly - everyone seems to love me
wrap me in your cold cloth - christen me your sacrifice

drink of me, make a toast to me - ease your parched throats
remember me, remember me - on sunday

baby jesus points down at the earth when they score
baby jesus does a happy dance when they score
he don't like the other team, he don't like it when they win
he only like the ones who get down on their knees for him
he don't like no other teams he only likes it when his win
he only like you to get down on your knees and pray
baby jesus he high fives god when they win
baby jesus he shouts it out when they win
that's why they win ...

v: roll back the stone - the trumpets are ablaring
no one knows me now - none of them can touch me
father calls me home - but i can see the future
i must halt this now - or heaven is ruined

don't rescue me, don't rescue me in the sunlight
please poison me, poison me - for the future
Track Name: 100%
i am a weak man ...
i am a weak man filled with the impatience that comes with age
i've lived too long surrounded by scoundrels
i am a weak man scarred by a lifetime of ill news
my elephant brain has recorded pictures

i saw a dove yesterday - it was mourning
pretending not to look at me - making that mournful mourning sound
every time i hear that song i feel like crying
today i strangled that fucking bird

i am a weak man ...
if i should die before i wake
i pray the good lord my empty soul to take
can't wait to get myself to kingdom fucking come
strum my bloody harp til his goddamned will be done

i am a weak man who has died and come of age
it took so long i thought they'd digga hole fer me back stage
i am a weak man hiding six feet below the ground
it's cold and raining and i can't hear a fucking sound

i am a dead man ...

i am a new man - i've died and been born again
my brazen lies are archetypal
i am a new man - my sins erased my palette clean
like all of you i am just a disciple

i am a new man ...