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what brand of sandals do ya wear - does it hurt to get crucified
whyja hafta rise from the dead - wasn't your poppa satisfied
why do you ask? too many people know me

can you really walk on water - have you ever met an astronaut
when you up and rose from the dead - didja hafta get a tetanus shot
why do you ask? too many people buggin me

besides when you're up in heaven - ever seen the face of god
have you ever gotten high - do ya think it should be outlawed
why do you ask? got better things ta do

they all race off to church on sunday - dressed to the nines - looking so fine
singing songs of worship and devotion - playin so nice - turnin the other cheek
then they all head home to their favourite vices - lots a covetin and some blasphemin
can't they all be good not just for santa, what have i done wrong?

have your never ever sinned - what's it like to be glorified
what do you do for kicks - when you comin back to our side
why do they ask - got nuthin to do with me

what kind of fish do ya like - what the hell's my favourite shrine
how did i pull that trick - when i turned that water inta wine
why do they ask - liquor store's got nuthin on me

is there baseball up in heaven - do they have a hockey team
if you weren't the son of god - who the hell would you like to be
why do they ask? nobody's got nuthin on me


from Timbo the White's Album, released March 20, 2017




Yellow Dwarf Band Mississauga, Ontario

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