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my thorns stand high - higher than the stone walls
scorched earth encircles me - spattered with my life blood
dry tears rainin down - washin way my sins
aching bones so tired - of carrying the burden

rescue me, rescue me by the moonlight
don't poison me, drink from me - on sunday

father knows his days - are numbered with vengeance
mother's tale was all wrong - she had to be a virgin
floating aimlessly - everyone seems to love me
wrap me in your cold cloth - christen me your sacrifice

drink of me, make a toast to me - ease your parched throats
remember me, remember me - on sunday

baby jesus points down at the earth when they score
baby jesus does a happy dance when they score
he don't like the other team, he don't like it when they win
he only like the ones who get down on their knees for him
he don't like no other teams he only likes it when his win
he only like you to get down on your knees and pray
baby jesus he high fives god when they win
baby jesus he shouts it out when they win
that's why they win ...

v: roll back the stone - the trumpets are ablaring
no one knows me now - none of them can touch me
father calls me home - but i can see the future
i must halt this now - or heaven is ruined

don't rescue me, don't rescue me in the sunlight
please poison me, poison me - for the future


from Timbo the White's Album, released March 20, 2017




Yellow Dwarf Band Mississauga, Ontario

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