Why Don't He Care About Me

from by Yellow Dwarf Band

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the devil's in the details - don't ya know
a million dollars in the balance - if you know the score
you can spend your leisure time - on wooden knees
fact is ain't nobody gonna listen to your prayers - if you don't believe

dontchya know beginner's luck is fleeting - it'll turn on a dime
if the powers that be ain't watchin - don't be wastin your time
a man of the cloth would tell ya - you doin it wrong
may as well pray to a deaf man - if the big game's on

c: why do those football players point to the sky
and say thank you jesus for helpin me to score
why am i broke as hillary's political campaign
why don't he listen why don't he care

momma said if you ain't the lead dog - nothins ever new
dagnabbit i'm tired of the asshole in front of me - it's time he knew
i'm fixin to write god a letter - on this the lord's day
but if he's busy watchin football - what the hell am i gonna say

if the good lord be willing and the creek don’t rise
i got no post game interview - to evangalize
imana rip my best shirt open - an beat on my scrawny chest
me or a goddamned professional athalete - who should pass the test?

why do them millionaires point to the sky
and say thank you jesus for helpin me to win
why am i broke as a 2 bit whore
why don't he listen why dudn't he care

why don't them hockey players lift their sticks to the sky
and give 2 thumbs up to jesus for helpin them to win
why the hell did i vote for mister donald trump
why don't he listen why dudn't he care


from Timbo the White's Album, released March 20, 2017




Yellow Dwarf Band Mississauga, Ontario

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