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i am a weak man ...
i am a weak man filled with the impatience that comes with age
i've lived too long surrounded by scoundrels
i am a weak man scarred by a lifetime of ill news
my elephant brain has recorded pictures

i saw a dove yesterday - it was mourning
pretending not to look at me - making that mournful mourning sound
every time i hear that song i feel like crying
today i strangled that fucking bird

i am a weak man ...
if i should die before i wake
i pray the good lord my empty soul to take
can't wait to get myself to kingdom fucking come
strum my bloody harp til his goddamned will be done

i am a weak man who has died and come of age
it took so long i thought they'd digga hole fer me back stage
i am a weak man hiding six feet below the ground
it's cold and raining and i can't hear a fucking sound

i am a dead man ...

i am a new man - i've died and been born again
my brazen lies are archetypal
i am a new man - my sins erased my palette clean
like all of you i am just a disciple

i am a new man ...


from Timbo the White's Album, released March 20, 2017




Yellow Dwarf Band Mississauga, Ontario

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